Ovulation Test Plus a Pregnancy Test | FIRST RESPONSE™ | FIRST ...
Ovulation Test Plus a Pregnancy Test | FIRST RESPONSE™ | FIRST ...
Predicts your most important fertile days. Over 99% accurate1. tests icon, 7 Ovulation Tests PLUS 1 Pregnancy Test ... Then, at the end of your cycle, use the included FIRST RESPONSE™ Early Result Pregnancy Test, which can detect the pregnancy hormone 6

FIRST RESPONSE™ Test & Confirm Ovulation Test Kit | FIRST ...
FIRST RESPONSE™ can help you make the most of your prime conception time by helping you accurately predict your most fertile days. The only ovulation test kit with two ways to test; Contains 10 line tests, plus 1 digital ovulation test to confirm resul Ovulation first response test lines for a coloured First ResponseYou can stop teSfing for this cycle. the Reference Line and the Test Line have the same color. 'Replacement of the Overcap is not necessary for the proper intensity or the Test Line is darker than the Reference Line. functioning of the test. QUESTIONS &
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