Is Diabetes to Blame for Your Headache? - Healthline
Is Diabetes to Blame for Your Headache? - Healthline
5 May 2016 ... Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that results in blood sugar, or glucose, abnormalities. This causes a host of symptoms and related complications, some of which can be life-threatening. A common symptom of high or low blood glucos

Why does diabetes cause headaches? - Medical News Today
21 Oct 2017 ... Diabetes does not usually cause headaches. But, while headaches are not dangerous, they may be an indication of poor blood sugar control in a person with diabetes. Over time, periods of continuous high or low blood sugar can lead to ser Diabetes causes headaches Diabetes and Headaches: Soothing That Aching Head - Diabetes ...25 Oct 2016 ... Wondering about the connection between diabetes and headaches? Diabetes can cause headaches, but there are ways to treat and manage them.
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